Turning 1 | Tampa Photographer

Childhood is such a big beautiful blurry kaleidoscope of amazingness. We try to hold on to all the tiny details and still they slip away from us. When we try to think back on days passed we fail to remember so much, but when we look back through photos, so much is remembered. I hope these images will help preserve some memories of this perfectly sweet phase in their lives.

2015-02-26_0008 2015-02-26_0012 2015-02-26_0007 2015-02-26_0001 2015-02-26_0002 2015-02-26_0006 2015-02-26_0009 2015-02-26_0003 2015-02-26_0004 2015-02-26_0005 2015-02-26_0010 2015-02-26_0011 2015-02-26_0013 2015-02-26_0014


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