These are our days | Glimpses of life.

These are our days. Days that come and go far to quickly. Ones I’m desperate to hold onto but still they arrive and depart as insidiously as the wind. 2015 we are excited for what you have in store for us this year. If the past two months are any indication we are ready to embrace you with open arms and open grateful hearts. Here is a glimpse of our everyday moments thus far.

2015-02-26_0028 2015-02-26_0020 2015-02-26_0016 2015-02-26_0017 2015-02-26_0029 2015-02-26_0019 2015-02-26_0021 2015-02-26_0026 2015-02-26_0022 2015-02-26_0015 2015-02-26_0018 2015-02-26_0023 2015-02-26_0024 2015-02-26_0025 2015-02-26_0027


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