About Me…

Photography has given me many gifts.
Allowing me to document special fleeting moments in life
and keep count of many blessings.
It’s helped me record milestones and glimpses of inspiration
and provides freedom for my inner artist
and food for my creative soul.
It allows me to share the beauty I see everywhere
and to inspire and be inspired.
It has driven me to push myself outside myself
and flirt with bravery and embrace healing.
It allows me to grow, stretch and become
and live my truth with reckless abandon.
It helps me strengthen my voice muscle
and lets me be a channel for the light that seeks expression through me.

I aim to take photographs that make you feel something deep inside your soul
and to help you remember the sweetness life contains
so that you never forget.

I love wildflower fields and Paris in the spring.
Warm smiles from strangers
and opportunities for satisfying my incessant wanderlust.

I’m a memory keeper
and a gratitude seeker

This is me in a nutshell…