It sounds so cliché but Paris has been my happy place for a long time. I fell in love with it many times over starting with the time I spent a semester there in college studying art and photography. I got to know the city very well back then. I used to wonder the streets and purposely lose myself only to find my way back and discover new parts of the city in the process. Beauty literally peaks out from behind every corner. A year after my semester abroad had ended, I was traveling home to the States from South Africa where I had been attending my friend’s wedding. I happened to be flying through Paris and met my husband on the plane. His Fathers side of the family is French and his Grandmother still lived in Paris so we decided to meet up there  three months later. We spent a magical week together in the city of lights! Over the years since then we have traveled there many times to visit family but it was only a few weeks ago that I discovered a very special little spot that I had never laid eyes on before.The bridge at the Pont Des Arts. I don’t know how I could have missed it. This pedestrian bridge which crosses the Seine is a popular spot for lovers. The bridge is adorned with locks of love that couples have fastened to the bridge to secure their love and ensure it lasts forever. After the lock is placed on the bridge the key is thrown into the river below. As I walked along this bridge with the thousands of locks shimmering in the sunlight, I thought about the many couples who had come to this spot each with their own unique love story. Each lock representing a piece of their hearts left behind in a gesture of love and hope. This is truly a magical spot!



You are such an amazing photographer as well as writer. This is indeed a very special spot in Paris…..I fall in love all over again with this city with each visit. I feel so fortunate that I have had the privilege to travel here several times when many will only be able to enjoy it in photos. I am drenched in gratitude for the experience of Paris.
Much, much love to you, Simon and the girls

Je’taime Paris!! Love this page as well!! I fell in love with this city myself for the first time at 16, the friendships I made with people there have lasted a lifetime and my second visit at age 18 I actually tried to hide&miss my plane home! Even jokingly called an anarchist in high school because I loved this country more than my own!! So needless to say I adore this page this story about the locks and think it is fabulous!!!:)))) thanks for letting me share my love of Paris!!

I share you love of Paris. And, this bridge! I must get there if I ever get the chance to go again!

vanessa, i have had a love affair with paris as well. it is definitely one of my “totem” soul cities. it resonates within my very being. i enjoyed your story of how your love for the city unfolded to meeting your true love to discovering the Pont de Arts and the wondrous locks of love!