I just returned from a wonderful time in France. My mind is still there sipping espresso in little Cafe’s just like this one. Watching the world go by while enjoying the moment. Listening to the sounds of the city and taking in the sites so foreign yet so familiar. I so enjoyed this ritual of sitting and sipping and taking my time; in no real hurry to get anywhere else. Just being present enjoying the moment and taking it all in…


August Break 2012


“sitting and sipping and taking my time” … my mind would still be there too …

I love Paris too and their no rush policy when enjoying their espresso and baked goods. So different from our to-go culture, which has it’s own charm like grabbing a coffee and walking with a friend.
I miss their cafes too you can watch the world float by, so relaxing. Great photo to bring me back there with you.

One day I will sip while sitting in a little café in France, one day…wonderful image. 🙂

welcome home! yes, paris is such a fantastic place to just wander and see the sights at a leisurely, sipping place. glad you had such a fantastic trip. i look forward to seeing more of your photos.