The Heart of Provence | Summer part II

After saying goodbye to beautiful Lake Annecy we headed off to the heart of Provence. First to the amazing walled city of Avignon where every July the Avignon festival brings thousands of street performers and artists to the town. There is so much to see here. Opera singers on street corners, clowns on bicycles and levitating monks… anything goes! Avignon was also the home of the Vatican for  close to 100 years in the 1300’s and while taking a carriage ride through the city we passed Napoleons house. See #23 below. Pretty awesome! After Avignon we headed to Gordes and Roussillon in the heart of the Luberon Valley. Built ontop of hills with breath taking views of the many vineyards and orchards in the valleys below. We had an amazing time exploring the old cobbled streets of the towns and surrounding areas. Here is a little peak.


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