Listen eagerly to their fabulous tales

Say no, less… say YES more

Have mandatory snuggle time

Plant seeds of delight!

LET them dig for dinosaur bones in the garden

or tunnels to china.

catch them doing so much RIGHT

disregard the small stuff 

teach them to climb trees and reach for the stars

do your own inner work and

lead by example

make home made popsicles and mud pie

If they’re being too loud wear earplugs

know when to say no

teach them to be content in the meantime

encourage giggling 

remind them they are God’s perfect creations

love unconditionally

don’t let them grow up too fast

celebrate their smallness

teach compassion, kindness and humility

Switch off the T.V.

look into their eyes 

and see the innocence that dwells there.

encourage them to dream BIG

Love them with every ounce of your being.


[…] just went back and re-read my very first blog post in this space. I’m glad I rediscovered this post as I really needed to hear the words […]