I want to see through their eyes and teach them how to be dream catchers.

instill in them that they unto themselves be true.

I want to teach this by example.

I want to create beautiful art… rich with emotion and infused with soul to be cherished and passed down through generations.

I want to discover my higher self.

and to feel intensely grateful everyday. May prayers of gratitude become my mantra.

I want peace, happiness and health for the ones I love and for all

and I want to slow down and savor every minute of this time

I want to cook healthy, wholesome meals and have gatherings where

the sound of laughter fills the air.

I want to feel truly alive

and listen to birds singing with my eyes closed.

I want to keep my promises and say farewell to my fears.

I want to really listen…

and give back.

and have fabulous reunions with childhood friends

I want to surrender to what life has in store

and be okay with growing older

and I want to write a truly incredible next chapter…









Vanessa, this is beautiful! Simply beautiful!

I am grateful that we connected through BFTH, and I love this gorgeous space you have created here. I have just passed along the One Lovely Blog award to you. You can see my post here … http://pipkinhollow.com/2012/07/18/one-lovely-blog-award/

Yes, yes, yes. What a beautiful post, so heartfelt and focused. I wish for you that all of your desires come to you and that the next chapter is fabulous.

Absolutely yes! Teaching them by example is the best thing we can do for us and for them. And the most effective, too.

Lovely post. Certainly words to live by. I think that next chapter is going to be quite rich with incredible art, moments, food and love.

such a beautiful list, it’s like you were reading my mind 🙂

What a wonderful and beautiful list!

Vanessa, may your life be filled everything you want and may the rest of the world learn to want those things to. What an even more wonderful world it would be.