I want to be

an inspired cook
creating dishes that delight the senses.
I want to embrace my feminine side and wear dresses and pretty things around my neck.
I want to never take a single thing for granted
and embrace where I am in the here and now,
keeping an open mind and heart for where I will be tomorrow
without rushing the journey to get there.
I want to blow my self-imposed limitations out of the water
and experience all that CAN be if we dream.
I want to redefine possible
and experience miracles.
I want to live fearlessly
and rid myself of “what if” thoughts that pull me back and
hold me hostage.
I want to speak my truth even if my voice trembles
and cultivate curiosity, perseverance and discipline.
I really want to get better with age and make a
habit out of expecting the very best of the universe.