I’ve been unplugging lately… spending time away from the computer, cell phone, social media and TV.  I’ve needed a break from all the “noise” and chatter that fills our daily lives. Noise that in essence adds nothing to my life and my desire to live creatively. The noise that pulls me away from the peace inside and drains me of vital energy like disturbing news headlines and social media overload. I have started paying more attention to how I am spending my moments. The precious nuggets of time I have been granted. I really don’t know when they will run out so it’s time to start making the absolute most of my time and cut out the things that bring nothing enriching to my life. I’ve resolved to spend my time learning new things,  going back to basics and in the process I’ve discovered some cool new hobbies. I’ve started making artisan bread from scratch and I’m so happy with how the loaves have been turning out. Added bonus: Our house has been smelling like a bakery for the last week or two with the comforting scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. I’m also pretty excited that I’ve discovered a way to make gluten-free bread that tastes even better than its gluten containing counterpart. Here is the recipe if you are interested! I have more on my list of new things I want to try, and I encourage you to start your own list. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn or do… get off FB and get cracking! Let me know how it goes!

Tips to nurture your creative spirit:
try until it works – THEY did!
take lessons from a child
Start with what inspires you
read books
surround yourself with positivity
stay away from energy vampires
Pinterest for inspiration
don’t compare yourself to others
journal your thoughts
feel intensely grateful
start where you are
don’t limit yourself
explore new places
try new things
awaken your senses
random acts of kindness
be open to learn
break old routines
de -clutter your mind and your life
be true to yourself
hang out with creative people
make the most of your time
laugh often
give back



Oh, love this Vanessa! I totally feel everything you’ve said and have totally stepped back from FB and most social media. And I’m reading more books and loving the time, it’s been like a gift!

oh I am so with you! I so need to try new things instead of wasting time on rubbish! love your shots and love your blog!

I love this. Such a great view on what really matters in life.

Unplugging sounds refreshing.

I’ve got to try that gluten-free bread!