My sweet beautiful girl you turned eight last month. Where has the time gone? You are such a blessing and a joy to have in our lives and I love everything about you.

Your quirky, animated and elaborate stories.
and your spot on imitations.

I love how you always see the humor in things, your contagious giggle, and the freckles on your little nose.

I love how you never complain and always go with the flow, adaptable and accommodating to change… just like your dad.

I love how you are wise beyond your years and your sweet and gentle spirit.
and how most of your tales start with, “mommy, guess what…?”

I love your big green eyes gleaming with curiosity and intrigue
and I adore the little love notes you write me and leave hidden around the house. These I will cherish till the end of my days.

My dreamer child, I love how your imagination knows no limits.

Thank you for teaching me to be a better person and mom

because for you I want to be the very best.

Never forget how very loved you are.


Happy birthday to your girl!