Buy yourself some flowers

Toss out perceived shortcomings and inadequacies and cultivate a new course towards thriving

Compliment a stranger

Express something

Take a walk through nature and listen to the singing of the birds with new ears

Talk less and listen more

Relax, recharge, and restore

Compliment yourself and tell your inner critics to take a hike

Know that anything is possible if you believe

Unlock the creative genius within

Try something new that you’ve always wanted to try

Practice kindness

Forgive someone who needs forgiveness… including yourself.

Remember that someone somewhere made the shirt you are wearing

Take a leap out of your comfort zone

Send positive energy to everyone who crosses your path

Acknowledge that you are perfectly imperfect

Know that no storm ever lasts forever

Make some goals

Write a list with your strengths and frame it

Read This and embrace change with open arms

Reconnect with an old friend