There are lists of goals and intentions written in my journal, on notepads and random scraps of paper.

Big plans to change the world!

But to be perfectly honest, with sheepish grin on my face and all… the road to fulfilling my goals has been long and still I see no end in sight. The journey has been riddled with potholes and rocks to trip over and there have been unexpected curves and forks in the road. Conditions have been hazardous at times and the weight on my shoulders in the shape of fear, guilt and doubt has made my journey slow and prevented me from making steady progress.

But today I feel the sun shinning warmly on my back as I get up again and dust myself off for the millionth time. A gentle tail wind nudging me along and faith that this path is the right one for me.

I take comfort in knowing that the journey is so much a part of the destination.




Oh Vanessa – I love this. Speaks straight to my heart on some very similar struggles I’ve been having with myself lately.

I heard once “you can’t get it wrong and you never get it done.” I always felt like that was a nice perspective with a little less pressure 🙂

Beautiful photo!