Cooking for family and friends is an exercise in generosity. From finding inspiration for the next meal to carefully selecting ingredients to prepping, cooking, cleaning and all the time that goes into it. Cooking is a labor of love and a gift to give from the heart. Offering those we love the gift of nourishment and the comfort in knowing that they are taken care of and loved. Sometimes it’s hard and I gripe… Inspiration escapes me or time is lacking or I simply feel unappreciated, but in those times I try to remind myself that there are a multitude of blessings contained in the selfless act of giving, and I feel renewed in my effort to try harder and give more both in and out of the kitchen. Being a mom is the greatest opportunity to be of service to others and I want to learn to do so with gratitude and love as my mantra. Lately I’ve been nothing short of obsessed to ensure my family eats only the highest quality and purest foods free of pesticides, hormones and preservatives I can barely pronounce.  I’m spending much time learning new ways of combining healthy whole foods into delicious concoctions of nourishment the whole family can enjoy. I feel responsible for their health and I desperately want to keep them brimming with health and  vitality. I’m so blessed to have this little family to take care of.


The following are some recommended and eye-opening resources:

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