My camera and I have been inseparable friends for many years! Our friendship dating back to a time long before kids, a husband and my current life. It’s been my faithful travel companion, recorder of milestones and magnifying glass for life’s endless moments. Offering a second look and a trip back through the archives of my existence. Maybe some of you can relate to the need to hear the chatter of the shutter and see the dance of light through the lens. The incessant need to express through images, that which is felt in the heart. What a gift this friendship has been to me.

The past year more than ever my camera has been an extension of me… I’ve observed the world through its eyes as we meandered our way through 365 days of documenting our year. It’s been an amazing journey and we have grown even closer in the process. Together we’ve recorded the extra inches added to my children and the changing of the seasons of life. We’ve documented the ups and the downs and everything in between. We’ve sung songs of art and creation and danced the dance of self-expression.

It’s a new year and a new opportunity for us all to celebrate new moments and live them to the fullest. A blank canvas to create our worlds a new. In the colors and shapes of our dreams. I’m wishing you all a luminous inspiring year ahead.