This is my daughter right before school this morning. It’s just an ordinary day and nothing special is really going on but I felt the need to grab my camera and take a few images of her right at that moment. I’m so glad I did as something magical happened within my heart the minute I stopped, became present and aligned myself to the frequency of gratitude. Had I not, I would have missed out on the fullness that’s taken up residence in my heart for the day. The overpowering feeling of gratitude for this little being that calls me mamma and grabs my hand at every available opportunity. This one with the little freckles on her nose and an endless supply of inquisitive questions that sometimes leave me completely bewildered. I truly believe in the power of gratitude and the requirement for us all to start becoming really in tune with it if we are to live joyful and fulfilled lives. It only takes a minute to fill our gratitude cups if we simply set the intention to wake up in gratitude and cultivate it in each moment and with all who cross our paths.