Document special yet fleeting moments in life

To keep count of my blessings

To record milestones, glimpses of inspiration and flashes of enlightenment

To find my inner author

Allow my inner author to be revealed

Share AHA moments

To keep defining my journey

To be inspired and to inspire

To push myself outside myself

Flirt with bravery and embrace healing

To grow, stretch and become

To share beauty and hope

To record ramblings

To spill and unravel, reveal and relinquish

To DREAM and be ME without apology….


Create a legacy of love and inspiration for my girls

Live my truth with reckless abandon

Show up for what matters

learn to flow like water

Strengthen my voice muscle

be a channel for goodness

connect with like minded souls

Allow my creative juices to seep, drip, flow, GUSH, ooze, drizzle and SPILL out of me

Offer glimpses of my travels

learn as I go…


[…] But then of course I remember that I do have my reasons. […]