Don’t lose sight of the miraculous…

Like how the flowers return every spring, year in and year out, and how water carves through rock as it flows.

How the earth keeps spinning at a constant even pace and how the branches on the trees unfold and reach higher and higher.

Even when life is crazy and chaotic with busyness and tasks that need completion, and calls that need returning.

Even then when it feels like there really aren’t enough hours in the day for all the deadlines and commitments, obligations and pressure.

when you feel in over your head.

Especially then I urge you to stop and look around at beauty and listen carefully to the singing of the birds with your eyes squeezed shut.

Really look and really listen.

As if for the very first time

and see what is often missed in the flurry of activity we call our lives.





Wonderful reminders…
There are miracles everywhere…
Happy Thanksgiving!!