I’m sitting here at home, enjoying a coffee and some quite time while the girls have gone off with their dad. At the moment the only sound to be heard is the persistent hum of the air-conditioning and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard. I love the sound of the girls chatter and laughter while they are home but I also appreciate a bit of alone time where I can recharge, work on photography stuff or visit some favorite blogs for a bit of inspiration. The summer is in full swing here and we are spending our days trying to stay busy. Much time has been spent in the pool which has been a lifesaver in sparing us from the merciless heat, albeit temporarily. I’m super excited for our Tour De France Gourmet Cycling Travel trip coming up very soon. If I can just navigate my way through the guilt and anxiety about leaving the girls, I’ll be ready to go off and enjoy all that summer in France has to offer. This year we once again start our trip in Cauterets, a beautiful ski village nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees. From there we head over to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees and onto Paris for the grand finale. Nothing awakens my senses and renews my sense of wonder like travel as it allows me to momentarily step out of my comfortable everyday routine and open my arms to new experiences. To me traveling is an overindulgent feast for the eyes, ears and soul and I always come back with new eyes, brimming with inspiration and a broader perspective. I’ll be documenting the trip as we go so check back often for updates from the other side!


The image below was taken in Cauteret at the start of our trip in 2010.


I’m so excited, and wildly jealous, of your upcoming adventures. I’ll be watching for stories and images and trying to follow along from Chicago! Safe travels!

What a fantastic adventure you have before you! I totally get the potential mommy guilt. But, we need to this for ourselves from time to time. 🙂 Looking forward to your images and stories.