My dad was a great photographer. While we were growing up he always had his camera bag near by with lots of extra rolls of film to document our special family moments. Every milestone, vacation or special occasion safely committed to photographic memory. I get my passion for the medium from him. This is where it started for me, the incessant urge to capture moments in time in order to preserve their fleetingness. We have many photos of our youth spent in Holland and South Africa, two contrasting countries and cultures and I am grateful to be able to look back on it all through his images. My dad also took a lot of photos on slide film that until recently could only be viewed using a slide projector. He had hundreds if not thousands of slides stored safely in boxes. After he passed away my mom started sorting through these boxes and had some of the slides converted to JPEG’s. Yesterday she handed me a disc with many incredible photos I have never laid eyes on before. I  can’t fully express what this gift means to me. It’s a trip back in time to the fondness of my youth. Amazing how an image can conjure up so many powerful emotions! I have to say this is why I do what I do! I’m so very moved….


My beautiful mom… always the stylish one, even way back then….


My brother, my play-mate, my partner in crime!


Not sure how I feel about this dodgy hair-cut… mom we have to talk!

This image moves me to tears. My dear father looking so young healthy and handsome. I remember this moment! My brother had enough and decided to leave home… with an empty suitcase!


There are still many film slides.
pictures there I have never seen before.
I didn’t realize it means so much to you.
I will do it again soon. It’s fun.
I’m very proud of you, the beautiful pictures you make, and the beautiful talent you have.


Beautiful fotos! You are the spitting image of your gorgeous mom.

Very moving! I have the same passion!

Priceless! This brings back so many memories.

These are all beautiful pictures!!! Your mom has not aged a bit!!! Your dad is missed very much! Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Hope everyone is doing well.

Images and memories … priceless indeed!

And I can relate to the ‘dodgy haircut’, as I had one just like it.

Geez oh peets! It’s not even my family and I’m welling up in public! Such beautiful images…