My 2012 list of resolutions was long. Far too long, and I was doomed to fail from the start. My intentions although good were overrun by overwhelming pressure to achieve them all. So my list lays abandoned and gathering dust at the bottom of my sock drawer. Accompanied by my 2011 and 2010 lists.

This year there are no resolutions to speak of… only a commitment to live each day with intention and purpose. I will treat each day as a “new year” or a new beginning.

As the new day dawns I will take a moment to enjoy the solitude and appreciate the gift and promise of the new experiences it will bring. I will set some goals for the day and I will remind myself of a few important things:

Firstly, that within me resides love. Whole. Perfect. LOVE. I will silently share this love with others even with those that seem undeserving.

I will remember to be grateful and I will look upon all the members of my family and offer sincere thanks that they are here to share in my journey.

I will remember to “check” my critic at the door and I will tell him he is not welcome to accompany me today, and that he should go away and take his broken record with him.

I will look upon my world with new eyes. Innocent eyes of a child, unjaded by cynicism and doubt.

I will remember that I am here to live my truth. Bravely and fearlessly and that I will be ME without apology!

and if I fail today I will be gentle and believe in the promise of a new day.




Fabulous words! I love ” and that I will be ME without apology!” Wonderful thoughts on the new year..and each new day!

This was great. I love the idea of starting each day as a “new year”.

Fabulous intentions. I love that you will be gentle with yourself and believe in the promise of a new day.