Gratitude ensures our hearts remain full and turns what we have into more than enough. My list of gratitude is long and ever-growing.

Where to begin…

I’m grateful that today I stopped to remember the magic.  The setting of the sun and the ever new sky.

I’m grateful for the sincere smile of a stranger that filled me with warmth and for the desire to pass on the radiance.

So grateful for sweet little kisses and hugs and their little hands in mine.

I’m grateful for my evolving list of passions, my desire to create and the creative juices that flow freely.

I’m grateful to be learning to love all my faults and broken places and for healing and overcoming.

for books that resonate and make me shout AHA, out loud.

and for my strong, gentle, dedicated and compassionate husband who understands my inner most workings and helps me to be a better person.

I’m grateful for the nuggets of wisdom that infuse my soul with knowing and for precious time spent with my soul sisters. You know who you are!

I’m feeling the gratitude and letting it wash over me from head to toe.

Grateful for what I know now and for what is yet to be revealed.