And so today I followed them around with camera in hand… as I often do. Determined to record and document glimpses of their childhood. Hoping that one day they will look back on the images of their youth and remember with fondness many of the little details. Those very fleeting details I feel such an urgency to capture so that they will never be forgotten. I hope they always remember how special their bond is. The closeness and love they share for each other and their mischievous ways. Their giggles and the twinkle in their eyes. I hope they will remember the way they never take themselves too seriously and how they always make room for laughter in their days. How they are naturally curious and open to new experiences and how their spirits are light and free of burdens and worries. I pray they always remain this way. Most of all I hope they remember how very loved they are and always will be.


This weekend we baked cookies

and spent time with great friends and family.

We attended a bike race in historic Dade City

and enjoyed the absolute best weather florida has to offer.

It was a pretty sweet weekend! Hope yours was great too.




Oh, yes, I know all about following them around with a camera. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Such special moments in childhood. I love that you recorded the everyday… Gorgeous girls and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

Lovely glimpse into your weekend. I’m glad it was sweet. Ours was too! xxO

Oh Vanessa this post is so great. I can definitely hear the inspiration in your words and see it through your photographs here. Perfect little moments.

Lovely photos and I love what you wrote. I wish I’d know that you were going to the race today so we could have seen you. Let’s get together with the girls soon.