Life is letting go…

Hurling our insecurities into the darkness

and stepping bravely into the light of our truth

Stop fighting the currents and just flow

and breath and let go.


They don’t have a clue what resides in your heart

so who cares what they think anyway?

Just be YOU as stated in your DNA


Follow your own path

Theres enough of the same out there already

so why be ordinary?


There’s really no need to “fit in” thinks me

if you don’t go, you won’t see.

forge ahead and discover a new way

where it will lead you, no one can say…

delight in the surprise as you unfold

miracles are yours to behold


You are so much more than your worries and your fears

your brokenness or your tears

these are all just passing storms in the night

don’t let your fear break you

it will be alright


if you just let it go…




Vanessa – this is beautiful! It really has me thinking. Please do more poetry!

Wow, I love this Vanessa! You have such a gift for words–how grateful we all are that you share them on this blog!

Be brave my friend. Missing you! xoxox