I just went back and re-read my very first blog post in this space. I’m glad I rediscovered this post as I really needed to hear the words today.

Words I felt inspired to write over a year ago.

On a day when I seemed more patient and less overwhelmed.

As I re-read it, I let the words wash over me. One. at. a. time.

and now I will vow to implement these as I look for the road back from this frazzled impatient person I was today.

I like the real me much better.

On the subject of blogs. I often wonder why I bother… leaving my words here. Exposed and vulnerable… for the world to see.

But then of course I remember that I do have my reasons.

Quite a few of them actually.

But above all else I enjoy coming here and I’ve learned that depositing my thoughts is good for me.

Stringing words together and telling tales is good for my  soul.


I’ve been obsessed with reading cookbooks lately.

scanning and devouring the pages until late in the night.

I can’t say where this new obsession came from so suddenly but I think it may have something to with my recent trip to the South of France

Where food is a joy to eat and dinners are savored and enjoyed like nowhere else.

Where ingredients are fresh and herbs are picked from the garden.

I want to learn to be a great cook.

and to have family and friends gathered around the dinner table sharing laughter and making memories.


My favorite new cookbook is The Sprouted Kitchen. Her blog is amazing too so do check it out.